fractions YEAAA nott really

Today  in math class we did fractions (YEA)

so we got 10 different colourers of paper and on each piece of paper  we fold it for example we had a green piece of paper we folded it once so then we cut the middle and right the fraction on it the green one we had to right 1/2 and on the other green cause we cut it 1/2 



Division test!

today we got our division test back and i did AWESOME! i got my rubric back for 

Knowledge & Understanding 4-

Thinking 3+

communication 3-

Application 4-

i am very proud of my self i did better then i ever thought i would of!

I demonstrated SELF-REGULATION by persevering though a difficult task! 


In class we are reading a book called wonder, it is about a boy named August and he has a face deformity and he has never gone to a real school before because  his mom home schooled him in-till now every thing will change. He has a sister named Via and a dog named Daisy.

August  goes to Beecher prep in new York Manhattan. he will be going into grade 5, before the school year started he took a tour with three kids named Jack Will, Charlotte and Julian. When the school year started Jack Will was the only person being nice in till lunch in the cafeteria when he sat down at a table by himself and then a girl named Summer with Browne curly hair walked up and sat with August and said “HI my name is Summer what is yours”? ” hi i am august nice to meet you”. and then they called there table the summer table !

So far in the book i really in joy it and i would give it 10 out of 10!!